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Community Service

Our Community Services

Akhand Path Sahib

Gurudwara Dukhnivaran Sahib reverently conducts Akhand Path Sahib, an unbroken reading of the Guru Granth Sahib, fostering spiritual unity and continuous devotion within the Sikh community.

Birth and Naming

Celebrating new life, the Gurudwara offers ceremonies for newborns, embracing them into the Sikh faith and providing them with a blessed start on their journey.

Kirtan/Langar Services

Enriching souls with Kirtan (devotional music) and offering Langar (community kitchen) meals, the Gurudwara embodies selfless service and spiritual nourishment for all.

Amrit Sanchar

Aspiring Sikhs receive Amrit (baptism) in a sacred ceremony, embracing the faith’s core principles and commitment to living a life of discipline and righteousness.

Dastaar (Turban) Tying Classes

Preserving Sikh identity, the Gurudwara teaches the art of tying the Dastaar, empowering individuals to proudly carry on this traditional symbol.

Anand Karaj (Wedding)

Gurudwara Dukhnivaran Sahib solemnizes Anand Karaj, the blissful Sikh wedding ceremony, fostering union through shared values and spiritual connectivity.

Youth Program

Empowering the next generation, the Gurudwara engages youth in educational and cultural activities, nurturing a deep understanding of Sikh heritage and values.

Funeral Services

Guiding families through difficult times, the Gurudwara provides support and conducts respectful funeral services in accordance with Sikh customs.

Hot Meal Program

Responding to hunger, the Gurudwara runs a Hot Meal Program, ensuring that those in need receive warm and nourishing meals without any distinction.

Outreach Service

Extending the spirit of service beyond its walls, the Gurudwara actively reaches out to help local communities and individuals in various ways.

Punjabi Classes

Promoting language and culture, the Gurudwara offers Punjabi classes, fostering a connection to Sikh heritage and facilitating communication within the community.

Sikh Martial Arts

Preserving the tradition of self-defense and valor, the Gurudwara supports the learning of Sikh martial arts, emphasizing discipline and courage.

Senior Programs

Honoring the elders, the Gurudwara provides tailored programs that address the needs and interests of seniors, ensuring they remain engaged and cherished.

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