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Guru Nanak Food Bank

When the rogers centre roof open for the highly anticipated Jays-Tigers game, the spirit of generosity is intertwined with the excitement of sports. In a remarkable collaboration, Guru Nanak Food Bank is joining forces with the stadium to make a lasting impact on the community. As the sun shines on the field, the Guru Nanak Food Bank sets up a booth in the stadium, creating a beacon of hope among the raucous crowd. Fans who gather at the Rogers Center are met not only by the vibrant energy of the game, but also by compassionate volunteers from the Guru Nanak Food Bank. They are willing to accept donations of non-perishable food, canned goods and other essential items. The open roof serves as a reminder that giving knows no bounds, and the collective efforts of sports fans can go far beyond the exciting competition on the diamond. Together, the fans and the Guru Nanak Food Bank create an atmosphere of unity and solidarity, using the power of sport to fight hunger and make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.
Guided by its core principles of compassion and service, Guru Nanak Food Bank stands as a stark contrast to the no-deposit, no-Gamstop online casino realm. While the food bank is dedicated to hunger relief and community development, these online casinos cater to entertainment seekers without the financial commitment or guarantees imposed by Gamstop's self-exclusion program. Guru Nanak Food Bank's focus on selfless service reflects a commitment to the well-being and upliftment of individuals and communities, while no deposit and no Gamstop online casinos biggest offers prioritize personal entertainment and convenience, potentially circumventing responsible gambling practices. It is important to recognize that while no deposit and no Gamstop online casinos offer an alternative gaming experience, responsible gambling remains a key aspect of the industry. The contrast between these platforms and the humanitarian efforts of the Guru Nanak Food Bank serves as a reminder of the need for balance and discretion.
We take pleasure in providing nutritional food in a dignified and respectful environment. Moreover, we think it is our responsibility to connect our people with other community resources to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. This community kitchen is meant for providing food to all devotees, pilgrims and visitors. It is a symbol of equality, fraternity and brotherhood. It is here that the high and low, the rich and the poor the learned and the ignorant, the kings and the paupers, all share the same food sitting together in one row. This kitchen is run by the common contributions of the Sikhs. The institution of Langar (Common Kitchen) is instrumental in creating social equality among the whole mankind. Visit Us

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GNFB Story

Sikhs have always tried their best to follow their Guruji‘s teachings and serve the humanity selflessly. With the same thought and vision Gyani Narinder Singh Walia who is a President of Gurdwara Sahib Dukh Nivaran Sahib Society Surrey BC Canada had vision to open Sikh’s own food bank, Narinder Singh Walia decided to help the mankind regardless of their religion or origin. It was back in the year 2020 during the onset of COVID-19 pandemic when he decided to start free Seva of grocery distribution at Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib however, in a short span it was realised that people were in more need than this.

It was after this realisation that Gyani ji decided to start something permanent First Sikh Food Bank or we can say a permanent Seva by the Sikh community with the slogan and Moto of “Recognising all human races as One”. Soon after Gyani ji formed a board of directors with very known names Inderjit S Dhillon, Bill Sandhu, Neeraj Walia, Anup Loodu, Surinder Manj and. Jatinder Minhas All these brilliant minds with a great vision came together to serve the humanity and inaugurated Guru Nanak Food bank on July 1, 2020. It is undoubtedly due to Gyani Ji’s devotion and hard work that Guru Nanak food bank’s name is now recognised all over the globe.

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